Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bad Day?

Right off the bat it was a really bad sign for the day ahead -

I woke up at 6:30 shivering, I thought nothing other than it must be cold in our house, the shivering progressed to violent shaking where I could not even hold anything in my hands. Brent took my tempurature and it was at a good 102 degrees. Great, I thought as I tried to calm down my flinging body.

Now let me give you a bit more info on what was happening with me. Friday Brent tried to get me to go to the doctor because my back and side were aching horribly. He looked on WebMD and matched that and some other symptoms that I was having to a kidney infection. I did not think that that was the case so I told him that if I was still sick on Monday I would go to the doctor, I would have gone then but we had a problem with my insurance and our choice with them was either get a refund of $600 for when I was not covered but they withheld from my check anyway or they could keep the money and I would still have insurance, I chose to get the money back. The reason I wanted this money back was that I was not covered for the time that they took it out so it was my money, and open enrollment is in August and I thought I wont be sick in just a months time. Anyway we dont have insurance at this time.

Back to the story. Around 7:00 my shaking finally stops, Brent checks my temp. again and it is 105. We decide that it is probably good if we go to the doctor now, so we drag Isaac out of bed, get dressed and head out to the ER. We walk in and talk to the lady at the front desk and she takes my vitals and brings me right back, my pulse rate is 160 and my temp is 103 she says that I am actually really sick. So I give one of those samples that are always fun to give and then get dressed in one of those fancy hospital gowns and lay on the bed, waiting for the doctor. He comes in and says that they want to get my fever under control and lower my pulse so they are going to take some blood then hook me to an IV and give me fluids and an Antibiotic. And there I sat for a couple of hours getting colder and colder as the fluid starts running through my body. When the nurse comes back in she checks my temp and it is 98 but my pulse is still 110 and they want to get it under 100 so they give me another bag of fluid. Finally the doctor comes back and says that I do have a kidney infection and that I will need to be on antibiotics for the next 2 weeks, of course it is a gradual drug so it will take a few days for my fevers to get under control but they shouldn't be as bad. We get to leave then and we go home so the boy and I can take a nap then we head out to the nearest walmart to get the prescription filled. Now since it is Saturday you would think that Brent has the day off and you would normally be right but today he had picked up a shift because his five day break starts tomorrow and he needed more hours for the week, so as soon as we get home he heads off to work. I am feeling alright for the most part at this point just extremely week. This all would be bad enough but I have to do laundry tonight so I have to walk downstairs and around to the back to get to the machines which I hate to do even when I feel great.

Anyway that was my day, I hope all of yours went better than mine.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Las Vegas

This last weekend we went down to Las Vegas for Jennifer and Leonard's new baby blessing. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone.

Everyone that was down for the weekend. left to right: Leonard, Gavin, Jennifer, Teague, Coleman, Amanda, Erika, Kaleb, Kris, Jack (heaven forbid I forget the dog), Steve, Noe', Linda, Me, Isaac, Brent

Isaac trying to teach a bear how to play the piano.

We went swimming but I didnt have my camera so I dont have any pictures of that but here is Isaac taking a drink from the hose.

The kids all had so much fun together. Here they are watching videos on the computer.

When Brent and I were packing to leave we turned something on the laptop for the boy to watch and we came back later to see he had fallen asleep. It was just so cute I had to take some pictures.

Now on a totally seperate note. Yesterday was Isaac's first day back to day care and we go and pick him up after work and he has this enormous bruise on his face. Apparently him and another boy got into a fight about a toy and decided to bite each other. Ohh the joys of children.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Neumont University

Neumont University is a Computer Science university which allows students to get 4-year Bachelor of Science degrees in 2 1/2 years and a Master of Computer Science in 1 more. Brent was accepted to Neumont University and will start school Sept. 29. I am so proud that he was accepted and we are both really excited for him to start school and more excited that he will be completely done with a Masters degree in 3 1/2 years.

Fourth of July

Saturday we went down to Delta for the Fourth of July. We saw the parade went to a BBQ and then saw fireworks. I forgot my camera for both the BBQ and the fireworks but here are some pics of the parade.

Smokey the Bear. As you can see the twins were not excited to see him.


He was not happy when he thought that the candy was gone.
With Mommy.
After the parade there is a bunch of things going on at the park. All of the kids got tattoos on their faces. We had do leave before we could do anyting else though because Isaac was throwing a fit, maybe next year.
Later in the afternoon Nanna turned the sprinklers on and all the kids got to run through. They had so much fun.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Robison family reunion...again.

This time it was my immediate family reunion. We went camping in Oak City which is about 20 mins. outside of Delta. The reunion was Friday - Monday, but we came home on Sunday. It was so much fun, we played games and roasted marshmellows, went on four-wheeling rides and played horseshoes. Here are just a few pictures, I took more than 80, of all the fun that we had. Tiff and Dan you guys did a great job.

Sitting around the fire.

Roasting mallows with dad.

The kids all had so much fun. I had to snap this picture, they had all been faceing the creek but as soon as I had my camera out Isaac turned around.

We had to create a commercial with a product that we picked from a bunch of paper bags. Ours was Palmolive dish soap. Brent and I were not excited to do it but it turned out alright.

Our cute little family.

I am so happy that I have the family that I have and I could never tell them how much they all mean to me. Thank you for being the wonderful family that you are and I cant wait till next year.