Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Growing Baby

The girl is growing so big. We think that she will start crawling in about a month cause she gets up on her knees and elbows every time she rolls to her belly. She still doesn't cry much but she does really like to yell, a high pitched hell that absolutely awful, and she does it ALL the time. She is a sweetheart though with the most beautiful smile, which we can never seem to catch when we take her picture. Here are a few pics of our little bug.

8th Quarter

That's right Brent's 8th quarter is done and he is 2 quarters away from graduating. He got a 4.0 this last quarter and his GPA is around 3.7. I am SO excited for him to be done with school. He is starting to apply for jobs and will start interviews in the upcoming weeks. We still aren't sure where we will end up, it could be anywhere from Salt Lake, to Texas, Maryland, or even Hawaii. We will probably stay here in Salt Lake, at least at first. These last quarters are going to be hard on me cause my work changed my schedule so I now work Tues. - Sat. until 3 am (if there isn't overtime, and there has been a lot of overtime).

March can not come soon enough.

Isaac's school

Isaac loves school! If he could go all day he would happily do it. He had a hard time at the beginning of the year but he has gotten a lot better. He goes in the afternoon and every day he tries to get us to go early. He is very excited to learn how to read and is doing good in everything that they are teaching him, he especially likes the computer lab, just like his daddy. They had spirit week a while ago and one of the days was crazy hair day and I thought that his hair turned out really good.