Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and Decorating for Christmas

So I have been slacking on my posting for a while so I will quickly catch up on the big stuff.

Thanksgiving - Brent has a couple of friends from school who don't have any family in the state so we invited them to Thanksgiving at our place. I was kinda nervous cause this was only our 2nd thanksgiving that we were doing by ourselves and for Yaz it was his first traditional Thanksgiving ever (He is from Cuba and has only been here for a couple years). Anyway, it all went really well. We watched movies and ate dinner, nothing to exciting but it was really nice.

As it was Thanksgiving and all I would like to say what I am thankful for. I am so incredibly thankful for Brent and Isaac. They are the greatest joys in my life and I can't imagine my life without either of them. I am also so thankful for both my and Brent's families. I have been so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. I love you all.

Now to the decorating. We have this small tree that Brent's mom gave us when we were first married. When I started to pull everything out to start decorating Isaac saw this tree and got so excited. I put it in his room because I take after my mom and like to have as many Christmas trees as are possible in my house. Anyway, we were going to wait for a little while before we got our main tree because we buy a live one, but Isaac was just so excited that we decided to get a tree then. So we told Isaac that we were going to go get a bigger tree and he just ran around the house saying "Bigger tree. Bigger tree." It was so cute.

Isaac helping. He actually did really good and for the most part spread the decorations out.

Brent helping. He did really good too.

Here is the finished product. I like it.

Here is my village. It is embarrassingly small but what can ya do. I still think it turned out alright. The boy just loves the village and does really good at not touching it, especially since I know he really really wants to play with it. His favorite is the little church. He calls it the holiday church. He is so cute.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hair Cuts

Brent and Isaac got hair cuts. Isaac got his done on Wed. and Brent got his done today. Usually I cut Isaac's hair but the last few times he has hated it so I brought him to great clips to get it done and he did so good that they gave him 2 suckers, he is so cute he will say "I got hair cut, I got 2 suckers."

I have the 2 cutest boys ever.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ohh Son of Mine

Isaac's new thing - Saltine crackers dipped in hot sauce. I have nothing else to say.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Weekend

This last weekend we went down to Delta for the annual pumpkin carving contest, and I am pleased to say that Brent took 3rd place. After the pumpkin carving we went trunk or treating. it was a good weekend.

All the kids dressed up.