Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Isaac's first day of school

Isaac had his first day of school yesterday and Brent took the day off so that he could be there when we dropped him off and picked him up. I wish he could take everyday off cause I have to walk with the boy and girl to the school which is, thankfully, not to far away. He had such a good time and I am so happy that he is now able to get out of the house and meet some friends, I am also so sad that my baby boy is old enough to be in school. I hope that he will be able to learns tons.

Baby Blessing

We had Cadence's baby blessing on Sunday, my grandma and two of my aunts were able to come, which is awesome since they live in Washington, Brent's parents and sister were able to come and all of my family was there except Tiffany and her family and Morgan and her family. Brent was so nervous to do the blessing but he did such a fantastic job. Brent's mom Linda bought her dress and she looked so gorgeous all in white. We went and had lunch after and it was so nice to visit with everyone. Everyone said 2 things about our baby girl - that she looks just like Isaac and that she is such a good baby. We are so blessed to have this little bug in our family and even more blessed cause she is the best baby. We love her so much.

She is so beautiful and we love her so much.

Time for rice

So our baby girl is 4 months old now and so last week we started giving her rice twice a day, she didn't do as bad as I thought she would, she really seems to like it. She also had her 4 month check up yesterday and she is super healthy, 13.8 lbs and 25 inches - 75% for height and 50% for weight so it looks like she will be tall and skinny just like her brother. Our Dr. also said that we should start giving her fruits and veggies so we started with bananas which she really doesn't like. We will see how she does with other things.

Monday, August 1, 2011

We Have Another Thumb Sucker

So our baby girl is a thumb sucker. She will be sucking on a pacifier and then spit it out so she can suck on her thumb.

Don't they look so much alike? I couldn't find any digital pictures of Isaac as a baby and this was is the youngest picture of him sucking his thumb that I could find.