Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ward Halloween Party

Today was our ward's halloween party. Isaac was dressed like a pirate, we searched everywhere for an eye patch but we couldnt find one, luckily I had a sword, gun, and a spyglass that went really good with his outfit. Isaac loved dressing up and had such a fun time going Trunk-or-Treating.

His outfit
Getting ready to start our Trunk-or-Treating

On our way.
Getting ready to eat.

Throwing beanbags, I must say Isaac is an amazing shot.

This is one of the kids in my Primary class. I thought his costume was so cute I had to take a picture.

On a totally seperate note - Everywhere we go, and I literally mean everywhere, Isaac is constantly getting things from strangers. Twice at hospitals people have bought him things, some candy and a little stuffed camel, alot of the time when we go to any store someone will give him something, a little toy or some candy. Anyway, we went out to eat at Bajio, we have been going to this same one for a while and the workers all kinda know us, but today one of the workers came around and gave Isaac this 5-pack of hotwheels. Sometimes I wish that they wouldnt cause I dont want him to think that he can just get anything he wants but I love that people think he is so cute.

Friday, October 2, 2009


It has been an interesting couple of days. Thursday Isaac wakes up at around 1 am and has really bad diarrhea and throws up. We cleaned him up and put him to sleep on the couch in our room, 45 mins. later the same thing happened again. Throughout the night we did not go a full hour without some kind of episode with him. We tried to give him some water and even the smallest sip would make him throw up. Brent had to go to school so I called and made an appointment around 3:00. We get to the Dr. and he gives Isaac an Otter Pop to see if he can keep it down, Isaac threw it up so around 4:30 we headed over to Primarys Children Hospital to get an IV into Isaac so he could get some fluids. By the time me and Isaac got to Primarys his face was so pale and he had really dark circles around his eyes and he had absolutly no energy. They stuck him with an IV and took some blood and started him going with the fluids. They figured he had food poisoning and it turned into severe dehydration. He stayed that way for a couple of hours and then they gave him some nausia medicine and a popsicle, he perked up alot after he got the popsicle which you can see in the pictures. When his blood work came back it was so messed up that they decided to keep him overnight while continuing the fluids because if they didnt then he would just be back in the morning with the same thing. It was better after that because I didnt have to keep telling him that he couldnt have a drink of water, which is so hard to do while the kid is just begging for a drink, and we could give him a drink whenever he asked. He got discharged at around noon today and has been sleeping and drinking all day. He still hasnt eaten much only a couple of crackers in 2 days but hopefully he will feel good enough tomorrow to eat some more.

This is when we first got to Primarys and had the IV put in. The stuffed animal was from the nurses in the ER, they thought he was just the cutest, which he is.

This was after he got his popsicle. You can tell that he has a lot more color.

After we had been moved from the ER to an actual room.

This morning right before we were discharged.

It was really hard to see Isaac hurting that much and I am so glad that we can go to a Dr. anytime and be treated immediatly.